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Our aim is to Teach and Propagate Kuchipudi Dance in North India.

Kuchipudi maestro Guru Jayarama Rao and Vanashree Rao ,one of the most celebrated couple of this art form, have dedicated their lives to the study and practice of Kuchipudi dance . Their duet performances are a striking example of perfection in synchronization and homogeneity in presentation of this rare form of art. Jayarama Rao was trained in the Kuchipudi Village under Late Sri Chinta Krishna moorthy, Sri P.V.G.K. Sarma, and later under Dr. Padmabhushan Vempati Chinna Satyam,in Chennai.Vanashree first learnt under Guru Krishna Kumar, then Guru Jayarama Rao, and later in Chennai under Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam. She also learnt some special abhinaya pieces under Guru Padmasri Nataraja Ramakrishna, under the Sangeet Natak Akademi grant.

As outstanding artists of the ,ICCR, they have performed in almost all major National and International Festivals and in over 60 countries, including USA, Europe, Latin America, Japan, Portugal, Afganisthan, Bangladesh,Fiji etc. International Ocean Festival, Mauritius, Int. Jerash Festival, Syria, Adelaide Festival, Australia, Delhi Days in Moscow, Delhi Govt, Cervantino Festival, Mexico, Sanskriti Festival London, China, Japan, Malaysia, and Bangkok visit in 2004, for the celebration of 50 years of Panchsheel Agreement,are to name a few.In India , they have performed repeatedly in all major famous Festivals,Kahajuraho, Konark, Ajanta Ellora, elephanta Festival, Ananya Festival, Purana Quila, Qutab Festival, SNA Dance Festivals,Living Legends Festival, Delhi, Kalidasa Festival,Nagpur and Ujjain, Uday Shankar Festival, Delhi,Kalakshetra Chennai,to name a few.they have toured whole of India for lecture Demonstrations for Spic Macay. Sri Jayarama Rao as a Guru has trained innumerable students who are acclaimed artists to day, Meenakhshi Sesadri, Vanashree Rao, Arunima Kumar, Meenu Thakur, to name a few.

They have been honoured with many awards, including the SANGEET NATAK AKADEMI AWARD, the Delhi State Award, and the Andhra Pradesh Samman,Sri Rao was awarded PADMASREE in 2004 by the President of India and was awarded The Tytle of NATYA RATNA, in February,2005, by the Sanmukhananda Sabha, Delhi for his contribution towards Kuchipudi Dance.

Their school The Kuchipudi Dance Academy was established in 1973, by Shri Rao to propagate this art form in North India.Arunima Kumar, their disciple was awarded the prestigious Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar by Sanageet Natak Akademi, this year in Sep 2009.

They perform in all major platforms and Festivals in India. They teach in Delhi, in the Guru shishya parampara, maintaining the highest standard,and passing on their art to the next generation.
  About Academy
The Kuchipudi Dance Academy was founded by Padmasri Guru Jayarama Rao in the year 1973, in Delhi. The aim of the school was to teach and propagate Kuchipudi dance in north India. In the last 30 years the school has produced excellent dancers. Some of whom are well known and established artists of this rare style, both in India and Abroad.

Besides training disciples, the academy has organised various dance festivals and lecture demonstrations .the leading students of the academy have been performing regularly at prestigious platforms and various festivals both in India and Abroad.

Today, more than 70 students are undergoing training in 3 different centres in Delhi. Some of the students are recipients of scholarships from the ministry of culture, govt. Of India and Sahitya Kala Parishad, Govt. of Delhi. Arunima Kumar, one of the senior disciples received the prestigious Sangeet Natak Akademiís Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Purashkar in the year 2009.
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